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Have you ever wanted to contribute to CodeIgniter? And related questions...

Hey all -

I'm curious - have you ever wanted to contribute to CodeIgniter, but ended up not pursuing it? If so, what stopped you? I'm trying to see how we can a) get more people involved in this open source project and b) see if there's anything that's making it difficult that we can help smooth out.

I'd love to see more people involved in all of the different aspects so the project can grow faster to continue meeting everyone's needs.

Thanks for your input.

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Only my objective opinion but if i was thinking how to get more people involved i would analyse Wordpress what makes it tick , what contributes to the user base etc - i'm not joking .if you think about it and the word "involved" is focused on then that would run into a 6 figure number, and the bigger the "user" base the higher the percentage of developers. i.e they have got something seriously right. I did delve into Wordpress some time ago looking at how it works, i still even have a very simple official plugin for Wordpress at wordpress.org . The code quite frankly is an abomination , its not based on php OOP as far as i can see.

But you can't laugh at it, taking into account that probably there are probably more wordpress sites on the web than any other, including https://learncodeigniter.net/ which by the way as a Linux user i think i could get the admin user name in about 3 seconds flat .The fact that wordpress was chosen over CI for that site, exemplifies some of the problems of CI ; imagine i'm Tony Robbins now and i say to you , why should anybody be interested or have any faith in CI , when obviously the person who chose Wordpress over CI for the web site didn't?
when you can get people to choose CI over wordpress for blogging sites in large numbers would be a turning point.

Now when you say contribute, thats quite broad; can that be equated with helping rather than just pure coding ? Because I think CodeIgniter needs not just coders but a vision, direction and marketing . A philosophical consideration to get more involved with codeigniter would be to embrace those with limited coding as much as possible. I've heard you mentioned fire starter but not followed up on finding out what is. I have a working CI4 website thats a CMS ; it works as a CMS ,nobody has hacked it ; the code is on a version control website but my guess is that probably it will get sneers from those that look at the code. Well its better than Wordpress and a lot of people are using that. So i would say in terms of Codeigniter take a step back consider:

vision where is it going ?
who are you going to embrace or alienate in terms of where its going
what can be learned from WordPress ?
Simplify codeigniter not give multiple options just focus on one or two
How many versions are there of Wordpress : 1
How many versions are there of current Windows :1
who is the biggest user base in the world in terms of code ability ? those that can't code or those that can barely code
so are you going to pander to an elite or a larger base
In terms of coding i use PHPMailer not your email system -why is that ? have you heard that the success of communication depends on the quality of what your are communicating . Documentation could be more elaborate - the biggest mistake of those that write about code is that they have forgotten what it was like when you also struggled to understand something. have a look at the link under my name "cms in action" its a CMS on top of Codeigniter4 , very bare bones though
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Hi @kilishan ,

Since my early days here I have been trying to contribute for the tasks I can do, however the thing I feel is the absence of a management board. This causes a sense of lack in terms of "making an application for a role - being rejected or accepted" etc. I talked this with Matthew, if I'm not wrong, on Slack. When I visit the official pages of any framework or project (like django or laravel, etc) I can easily see a list of team members and their roles. But we have only a "forum team" list here.

Just under this thread I suggested something last week, but who will approve me? Subsequently, who will make this organization? Should I start by myself?

That's why we cannot create a marketing for CodeIgniter. @captain-sensible is right at this point, I believe. On our trello board I had asked about our twitter account but there was no result. Do we have any official social media account to announce something? It looks like we are behind the trees and only explorers can discover us.

And now If you are looking for any contribution, I believe there must be either;

- a list of tasks but you have no one available for this role,
- or you are announcing a vacany for new members to join,
- or this is just a brainstoriming question, like a poll.

Which suits the best?

To @captain-sensible thanks, and yes, you've pointed out a couple of great points, some of which were on my mind too. I don't know that I agree with all of your comments on Wordpress, though there are definitely some good things to be learned from that community. Using your example of learncodeigniter.com, though, that was built on Wordpress because a blog could be up and running in a couple of minutes, not a couple of weeks of time building out a new engine from scratch. I think Laravel is a more direct comparison here, actually.

@demyr I believe both Django and Laravel have corporate backers which helps make things clearer, but good points about needing to make "management" clearer.

I think one thing that gets lost is that this is not a company looking to fullfill roles, it's an open-source project with no corporate backing, so anyone can jump in at anytime and get started. I would agree we don't seem to make that clear enough. I've got some other thoughts on why but I'm waiting to hear if anyone else thinks they're a valid concern.

So this is actually all three of the things you listed, but mostly trying to see where others thought we were missing the mark and what we can do to make it easier to contribute.

We can discuss social media in another post but short answer on Twitter is that we tried 3 times after Jim passed away to get control of that account and were never able to.

Yes - we would love new contributors. People "joining" usually happens after we see their contributions and commitment to the project - there's no application process other than that. And yes, looking for ideas.

@captain-sensible @demyr Very good points.
  • vision
  • the absence of a management board

By the way, what's our trello board?

I thought about it , but I am not a expertise, Once I consumed the flow of CI, I will definitely start contributing Smile
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Hi @kilishan thanks for replying
Quote: " that was built on Wordpress because a blog could be up and running in a couple of minutes, not a couple of weeks of time "
that's what psychologists would say was an attempt at justification of action. So lie back on that couch and let's have a look at the decision process.

To have a web site talking about CI on Wordpress, to me loses all credibility for CodeIgniter.
Would there have been any alternatives? yes since content seems to be static it could have been done in plain html . What would be the greater priority getting out something on WordPress straight away or let it wait a bit and put it out on a CI bed. I would have said better no web site than sticking it on WordPress. Whats stopping getting rid of wordpress as soon as possible ?

I only have a tenth of the coding brain of others on here; yet i wrote a CMS on top of CI4 that just works. So if i can do it , then the decision should have been let's write a CMS on top of CI4 get it out, at least it will be CI4 then we can update and improve code as we go, thats what I did. The reason I was forced to write a CMS was because my late wife said i was a control freak and wanted a web for our daughter, which she was willing to let me do , but didn't want any involvement with it from me after that . SO i had to do an almost foolproof system where in blog posts apostrophies and such that some databases don't like would be first found using regex then converted ' to
The code level of CI written by people like yourself might be too for me , but i think i can contribute ideas. I extended the code base that I previously posted on notabug
https://notabug.org/captainsensible/codeigniter4CMS whether its worth having a look for my approach - i couldn't tell you but a CMS on top of CI4 with a basic dash would be great. One great feature currently of CI4 for me is that I can write my own classes and easily integrate them into CI4. So i have my own simple spam detection filter ,so that content submitted to the "contact us" form gets checked before that content gets sent to my email address. Regarding Larvavel particularly if your oon Linux as I am comes across to me like this - the nerds that wrote it you would have thought were clever, but not enough to make it simple to install. The amount of stuff like homestead , then installing virtual box ; hard to see how i coudl integrate my own class to me means they cater for elite. The bulk of users out there are no coders or poor coders; marketing guys would say target them !
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@kilishan , I understand your points. And if there is no legal obstacle for us to find a financial supporter of CI, I will be one  if I can find an investor in my global startapp in the near future!  -trying to complete it.

Btw, (I will keep it short about Twitter) I guess we can start again with a new name like "awesomeCodeIgniter", can we ?

@kenjis Trello board is a kind of old story. I was definitely younger in those days Smile It was for "the new website of CodeIgniter" but after a few years of sharing ideas there now we have it online. I guess you started taking part in the project later, If I'm not wrong. That's why you do not know about it.

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Look what happened to Kohana it more or less died in 2016, FuelPHP never made it pass version 1.8.2.

1) One thing I can say is I found it very hard to get the testing working on a Windows 10 machine with phpStorm..

2) Needs a work flow listing.

3) I do agree that we should have a more Social Media preference here.
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am with @captain-sensible

I think this could be changed to the CI blog

(https://learncodeigniter.net/) == very discaragious to CI
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