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prevent multiple login Codeigniter 4

hii all, btw i want to make login system, and check if user is multiple login and give notification " account already login in other device" in current user login, how can i make it ?? can someone please suggest/teach me to make system like that? Previously I've searched for it on google but couldn't find the right one,, please help for my learning

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Simple logic store a token everytime the user login to the database and store d copy of the token to the active session. In case he login in somewhere else the token will be overwritten and if mis matches log of the user.

It a simple trick.


I would say it is even simpler than that. As soon as you log in it sets a flag is_logged_in to true, and if you try again from wherever it checks against this flag before allowing you to go any further, i.e setting session data etc.
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(04-02-2022, 11:02 PM)ignitedcms Wrote: As soon as you log in it sets a flag is_logged_in to true,

I don't get the implementation.
Where do we set a flag is_logged_in?

@kenjis , I think he ment set a session flag is_logged_in when the user logins into the system.
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