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Myth:Auth in search of maintainer

I know that my auth package, Myth:Auth has been used by quite a few people as it was one of the first ones made specifically for CodeIgniter 4. As I'm sure people have noticed, I haven't been able to make time to keep up with that repo, and I definitely feel like I'm letting everyone down on that. There have been some good PRs made in the past, and ideas brought up, that I haven't had the time to address, but that could definitely be beneficial for the community.

As such, I'm looking for someone to take over as the primary maintainer of this package. We can work out specifics, but I'm happy to transfer the repo to you and let you have full control over it if things work out.

Any takers?

Hi @kilishan ,

I'm a beneficiary of the awesomeness of the myth/auth package as I've used it in a couple of live projects. Thanks for the good work.

Inasmuch as I'll love the opportunity to give back in my own little way, I don't really know if I "fit" into the maintainer role, and as such, I'll like to know the criteria for managing the package.

Are there specific strengths/knowledge you're looking at ?


Maintainer just means you're making time to fix bugs, answer questions, and put out new releases.

Hi @kilishan ,

First of all, i want to say thank you for your hard work and highly appreciate your contribution to the creation and development of Myth:Auth. You did a great hard work on this project, which took a lot of your time. And we all know that you are currently working on other bigger projects for Codeigniter like Bonfire 2, CI-shield and it takes up a lot of your time.

From my side, I would like to say that I would love to be a maintainer of this project, but only if someone more experienced then me does not show a desire to be a maintainer. I want the project to continue to develop and gain more and more popularity.

Thank you.

@manager Thanks a lot for the kind words. I will definitely keep you in mind if no one else steps forward in the next week or so.
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Is CI shield ready for production use?

See https://github.com/lonnieezell/codeignit...1094038690

Thank you for all the hard work Lonnie, shield looks like it is going to be an integral part of the CI4 core.
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That's great that you're looking to transfer the maintainership of the package. This is a common situation when developers move on to other projects or their priorities change. Transferring the maintainership to a trusted and competent individual can help ensure the continued growth and success of the project.

When transferring the maintainership, here are some steps you can follow:

Choose a new maintainer: Make sure to choose someone who is knowledgeable about the project, has a good understanding of its codebase, and is committed to its continued development.

Contact the new maintainer: Reach out to the new maintainer and discuss the details of the transfer, including responsibilities, timeline, and any other relevant information. Make sure to agree on a plan that works for both of you.

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