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Poll: Do you use Composer?
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Yes, I use it all of the time
17 53.13%
Yes, but not to start a new project
2 6.25%
I don't currently use but am open to it
5 15.63%
No, I don't use Composer at all
8 25.00%
Total 32 vote(s) 100%
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Poll: Do you use Composer with CI4?

(04-14-2022, 03:51 PM)John_Betong Wrote: @kilishan,
>  it was the standard to download a zip

No mention of using the GitHub clone facility?

Select Command line directory:
git clone https://github.com/codeigniter4/CodeIgniter4.git

Perhaps users do not know just how easy and so much faster it is to to download instead of using Composer. 

Interesting Topic and well worth a read:

Composer has long been the industry standard for development.
The link you provided is not only from 2013, but also does not defend the point of view.

Your approach works as long as it's primitive.

Let's say your project needs a library that depends on other libraries. All dependencies of this library are described in composer.json (because no one uses git submodules). Now you have to manually find all the dependencies, install, register in the autoloader and control their versions.

You use git, someone else uses zip, and as a result, CI has to maintain its own classloader and store third-party libraries inside the kernel directory.

For example, it would be possible to use a third-party templating engine, libraries for working with email, queues, schedulers, through composer dependencies.
But you use git, and someone else uses zip...

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