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Why do you use CI? What is your job?

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Hi !
What do you use CodeIgniter for?

For professional purposes? If yes, as a Freelancer, Web Agency or for a website?

Or do you use it for personal use? For your personal website, to learn development?

Do you mainly use CI as a php framework or others as well (laravel, symphony ...)
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@InstantT ,

ALL OF THEE ABOVE. I've used it in both Personal (my own web company) and Professional environments (contracting companies). I have developed and maintained many web applications with it. I'm also hoping to do a few undated web applications with CI 4.x

@php_rocs Thank you for you reply.

Do you mainly use CI as a php framework or others as well (laravel, symphony ...) ?
--- I am not a developer ---

Hi @InstantT , like @php_rocs I will say all of the above.

Even though I have my own CMS made with CI I regret having built it with a framework. Because they are updated often and your system falls behind. If you want to update, you must consider that you have more than 15 companies using this CMS and it can easily turn into a kind of nightmare. It is nothing to do with CI, I love it but I believe a framework is a wrong choice for an agency to build CMS for customers.

No experience with other frameworks. Born with django once upon a time and going on with CI

Due to depression and family issues, I left coding when I started my career but after 3 years one of my brothers was freelancing from Fiverr only, he called me and asked whether I wanna join him or not, and I ended up saying yes and I learned CI3 in between 15 days under the guidance of him. from being a fresher of ASP to starting CI, it was kinda redemption for me. I use CI for personal use and for agencies too and I am currently learning angular. I am not that expert but one day I wanna contribute to CI. Thanks to everyone Smile
Learning Codeigniter 

I wanna remind @demyr that even the PHP engine gets updated Thank you all
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@InstantT , I use CI specifically. I'm familiar with and have worked with other frameworks (Symfony and CakePHP) too.

(07-06-2022, 11:23 AM)luckmoshy Wrote: I wanna remind @demyr that even the PHP engine gets updated Thank you all

Sure, but you don't feel that you are not up-to-date. But imagine that, I updated my framework to version 4.18 last month and now the current version is 4.20, just in a month, how would you feel? I feel tired.

Thank you all for your responses.

@demyr : That's an interesting point you make. I think it would be worth opening another topic to talk about it

It's true that Wordpress for example uses its own framework and I think Magento is trying to remove Zend to build its own framework too (to be confirmed), while Prestashop is migrating to Symphony...

Maybe multi-applications with a single CI installation could be useful for you ? : https://codeigniter.com/user_guide/gener...stallation

Or maybe you should create an update system for your sites like Wordpress?

Even if you create your own framework, you will certainly use third party dependencies, which you will also have to update?
--- I am not a developer ---


I have used CI Professionally for few internal back Office Apps, its pretty good when catering to Requirements of User Modifications. Mostly using it together with .net based Backend applications, Codeigniter is very smooth in maintenance and cross-platform so it is easy to deploy.

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