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Creation of a multi-language blog [SOLVED]
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What do you think about creating a (simple) blog with an administration interface using the default CI features (Shield, Settings, Cache, Module, Security - xss, csp..-, Extend template etc.)

The goal would be to create a "real" project, like AppStarter, but more advanced in order to show people what can be done with CI4
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There's already example available of super simple blog, but what you describe is developing a complete CMS with an admin area, templates, etc. This requires a lot of work. The dev team is already under staffed. It's not a good idea to add this on top of maintaining the framework.
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Besides the purpose of CodeIgniter is to have a small lean framework without bloat.
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Thank you for your reply
--- I am not a developer ---

Lonnie started on this once. It's way outdated, and he would probably want to start it over with Bonfire2, but might be interesting for reference: https://github.com/lonnieezell/myth-forums

If you're looking to spend some time on such a project definitely also check out the CodeIgniter Playground, which was meant as a learning space for people new to the framework: https://github.com/codeigniter4projects/playground
It's rather dated but I like the approach that we took.

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