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Announcing: Bonfire - a drop-in admin area

(This post was last modified: 08-03-2022, 11:03 PM by kilishan.)

While you may have heard me mention Bonfire, I was waiting to announce it officially until I had it somewhere pretty stable and helpful. That day is today.

Bonfire is a drop-in admin area for your new and existing CodeIgniter 4 applications, installable through Composer. It currently ships with the following features:
  • Theme/template system, that ships with a flexible Auth and Admin theme.
  • View Components to reduce the complexity of your UI by allowing you to create reusable HTML snippets, that can be optionally controlled via code.
  • A Settings library that allows you to save config file values to the database and access them whether they're in the db or just in the files.
  • Resource Filter system to make filtering lists of User, Post, etc, simple to implement and with a comfortable, consistent UI.
  • A powerful, very customizable, user authentication/authorization system, Shield.
  • Global search feature that modules can easily integrate into
  • A Recycle Bin to handle restoring/purging soft deleted models that modules can easily integrate into
  • A way to manage cookie consent to help with GDPR rules.
  • Site offline status
  • Online Log viewer/manager
  • and more...

Both of the official packages, Shield and Settings, were originally created for Bonfire, before being taken under the CodeIgniter mantle and fine-tuned.

If you've been in the community for a few years, you might have heard of Bonfire before. Quite a number of years ago I had an original version of this admin area that I had shared. It received a pretty good amount of use, with one company using it on over a hundred sites, and a large hosting company using at for their users to manage their sites, and many more I barely heard from. While the philosophy has changed a little bit between then and now, the idea is the same: provide a good kick-start to your applications to get you up and running as fast as possible while providing a set of tools you can use in the rest of the site as well.

I hope you find it useful, and I look forward to hearing about what you build on it.

@kilishan Thank you very much.
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@kilishan Thanks

Great news! Thank you very much!

thanks but can you please check whether it's an issue or not while clicking on "System info" under the tools menu, I am getting this error

number_format(): Passing null to parameter #1 ($num) of type float is deprecated

VENDORPATH\lonnieezell\bonfire\src\Tools\Views\index.php at line 34

27                        </tr>
28                        <tr>
29                            <td>Server OS</td>
30                            <td><?= php_uname('s') ?> <?= php_uname('r') ?> (<?= php_uname('m') ?>)</td>
31                        </tr>
32                        <tr>
33                            <td>Server Load</td>
34                            <td><?= number_format($serverLoad, 1) ?></td>
35                        </tr>
36                        <tr>
37                            <td>Max Upload</td>
38                            <td><?= (int) (ini_get('upload_max_filesize')) ?>M</td>
39                        </tr>
40                        <tr>
41                            <td>Max POST</td>
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(08-04-2022, 10:36 AM)SubrataJ Wrote: thanks but can you please check whether it's an issue or not while clicking on "System info" under the tools menu, I am getting this error

I replied to your post over at GitHub inquiring about the PHP version. Can you please head over there and respond so we can figure this out? Thanks.

@kilishan  done.
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Ooooh ooh, @kilishan have been with your bonfire for a long time, and some of my  Shy projects have borrowed bonfire scripts now you are telling such a great announce I can't explain how  Idea bonfire have fired awesome works to us lol happy,  Heart happy, happy! keep up, you gentleman Tongue
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Great news!!! Thank you for all your work!!

You're all very welcome. And @luckmoshy let me know if you find anything from the old one that you're just really missing in the new version once you've had a chance to play with it.

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