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Deprecated dynamic properties in PHP 8.2

I've been a Codeigniter user since version 2.x, when access to databases was only possible with third-party applications, among other limitations of a newly developed system.
I feel privileged to follow the evolution of CI over time and, without a doubt, version 4 was and continues to be a milestone.

Since version 2.x there is a rule that I can call it golden: system files must not be changed (hacked) by users because of the risk of causing unpredictable problems.

I use version 4.3.6, supposedly compatible with PHP 8.x, and when migrating to this version of PHP I get a message that the response.php file is causing an error due to Dynamic Properties are deprecated. This file is located in the HTTP folder which is a folder inside the System folder.
The suggested fix for the problem is that I must declare my class properties. Right, but my classes are inside the App folder and not in the System folder, so what?

I use VS Code and the Intelephense extension marks several lines of code, mostly in reference to "cookies", as deprecated.

Because it is an error, the entire site is inaccessible. What was the solution given by me? Downgrade to PHP version 8.1.x.

I will wait for a professional solution from the framework developers.
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RE: Deprecated dynamic properties in PHP 8.2 - by wdeda - 07-21-2023, 05:47 AM

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