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can temporary tables be used in PHP?

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Some more testing:

PHP Code:
$sql "CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE BC_PR_list_temp(taxyear VARCHAR(10))";

$sql "INSERT INTO BC_PR_list_temp (taxyear) VALUES (1984)";

$sql "SELECT * FROM BC_PR_list_temp";
$result $this->db->query ($sql);
$data $result->result ();

This works fine within a function, so the temp table is created. As mentioned earlier, it will be deleted once the db session is closed.

PHP Code:

table_exists() doesn't work for temporary tables, the result is always false. As a matter of fact, it is not easy to check if a temporary table exists using SQL.

Conclusion: it is not a CI problem, but a MySQL limitation when working with temporary tables. I suggest you find a way to work with normal tables.

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