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Proxy Detection Module in CodeIgniter 4

The IP2Proxy CodeIgniter 4 allows user to reverse search of IP address to detect VPN servers, open proxies, web proxies, Tor exit nodes, search engine robots, data center ranges and residential proxies. Other information available includes proxy type, country, state, city, ISP, domain name, usage type, AS number, AS name, threats, last seen date and provider names. It is available at https://github.com/ip2location/ip2proxy-codeigniter4.
You can find tutorial on How to use IP2Proxy PHP Library in CodeIgniter 4 to get started.

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It sounds like you're working with a proxy detection module in CodeIgniter 4. This module can be extremely useful for identifying and verifyingprivate proxy providers, detecting and blocking malicious IPs, and many other use cases. Having a proxy detection module in CodeIgniter 4 can help to ensure that your online activities are kept private and secure, and that you are able to identify and block any potential threats. When working with a private proxy provider, it's important to verify the authenticity and reliability of the provider. This module can be a great tool to do that and protect yourself from any potential issues. It's great to have a proxy detection module that can be integrated with CodeIgniter 4, a powerful PHP web application framework that can help developers to write better and more robust code.

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thx for answer

Thank you for sharing information about the IP2Proxy CodeIgniter 4

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