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CodeExtinguisher 2.0 Release Candidate 14.2

[eluser]Majd Taby[/eluser]
mattewr, change lines 273 and 327 to $data['permissions_form'] = ''; and $view_data['permissions_form'] = ''; respectively in codexcontroller.php

Bruce, in your output html, what is the URL of the stylesheet that is printed, what do you expect it to be? and what is line 84 of codexcontroller.php?

[eluser]Michael Roper[/eluser]
Hi jTaby,

Is there any plan to recognise the 'dbprefix' setting in the database config file?

My host only provides a single database, so my CI tables are prefixed with 'site_', which CI handles fine. CodeExtinguisher however doesn't seem to honor the prefix, and looks at all the tables in my database, instead of just the ones related to my CI site.



[eluser]Bruce Brown[/eluser]

My output is this:
<link rel="stylesheet" href="http://www.reliabledivorce.net/../ci/apps/codex/assets/clean_blue/css/codex_clean_blue.css" type="text/css">

Line 84 and 112 of codexcontroller.php is:

From the root of reliabledivorce.net, the actual physical location of that file is:
a one directory less deep in the directory structure from the /public_html root of the site. That directory can be accessed, from another domain
This is because I'm running a multi-site version of EE, and the root install of EE is ww1.rapidlaw.net --www.reliabledivorce.net's public_html is within the public_html of ww1.rapidlaw.net. (I wanted to have a common install of CI, with common apps, just as I do with having one install of EE run multiple sites.)

I'm pretty sure that your question should lead me to the solution, but, I'm sorry I'm still unclear on how to modify the code to proceed :-S

[eluser]Majd Taby[/eluser]
michael.roper, you're totally correct, i'll fix it in the next release

Bruce Brown, so you want to access the assets from a different URL? in that case, edit codex_assets_path and change $config['base_url'] to your own domain. Basically, you want to hardcode http://ww1.rapidlaw.net/ci/codex/assets/ into codex_assets_path (if I understand you correctly)

[eluser]Bruce Brown[/eluser]
In my instance, coding the other url (ww1.rapidlaw.net) would work. (In this instance, it only happens to be true that I can get to that place outside the root with another url --as the apps folder is in the root of another site.)

But, my goal is to learn, how, in general to have the codex application in my apps directory outside of the root. I think I'm understanding now that, in general, I should have the assets directory in the root of my site, while I can have the application itself outside the root. Is that right?

So, in general, I can place my codex application outside the root in a common location with your other apps, and then move my assets folder within my site's public root? (In my case, put the root in my reliabledivore.net /public_html.)



[eluser]Majd Taby[/eluser]
yes, all the URLs to the assets are generated by codex_assets_path, so there's nothing tying your assets folder _inside_ the codex folder. Although I wouldn't recommend having multiple assets folders. The reason being that it makes updating the system harder. Now, in this case, off the top of my head it seems that moving the assets folder outside the application is the only option, but still, something to keep in mind.

Hello JTaby: do you have a release plan for 14.3? I begin a new project... i attempt or use the "older" 14.2? Thank you

[eluser]Majd Taby[/eluser]
abmcr, well for now, the new release will include these things:

1) Fix the shortcomings of the search feature
2) Make the CRUD controller guess the plugins better (right now it only does textbox/textarea)
3) Fix the dbprefix issue

gdunn, I just realized that I missed your post, but to answer you question, the Time plugin already supports on_update as well as on_insert

SpooF, I didn't miss your post, but I just forgot to reply (sorry), RC14.2 fixes that issue.

ok ;-)

[eluser]Majd Taby[/eluser]
abmcr, I've been thinking about it, I think you should just go with 14.2....I'm going to be working on codeextinguisher.com for a while.

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