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CodeExtinguisher 2.0 Release Candidate 14.2

I'm confused by the output generated by the yaml parser for the following code fragment:

    class: TextBox
    class: TextBox


Results in:
Array ( [voorwaardenEnKosten] => [class] => TextBox [naamProvider] => )

While it should output:
array('voorwaardenEnKosten'=>array('class'=>'TextBox'), 'naamProvider'=>array('class'=>'TextBox'))

What's wrong with the YAML....?

[eluser]Majd Taby[/eluser]
yeah you're right, are you using tabs in your YAML file? replace them with 4 spaces instead. The spyc library doesn't like tabs for some reason.

Hey JTaby,

Great work on CodeExtinguisher! It's going to save a lot of people a lot of time...and it really showcases some of the power of Code Igniter.

I was wondering if you plan to open up the development to more people or if you want to continue as a one person team? These forums are kind of unwieldy for reporting/fixing bugs, and I think everybody trying to work with it could really use a better way to help out

Trac maybe for bugs? google code?...SVN permissions for a few people on a team? Also, maybe doxygen for your code docs? Your wiki is a start for documentation, but I'm finding three different sets of docs, which is a bit confusing...especially for newcomers.

I'm still getting familiar with CI and CE, but have found some things that would probably help and am willing to assist wherever needed...

All of your effort is much appreciated!

RE: Permissions ...took a bit of guessing to figure this out...

// restrict any users below admin from seeing a list
$config['example'] = $config['admin_level'];
// restrict any users below admin from adding new
$config['example/add'] = $config['admin_level'];
// restrict any users below admin from editing/deleting
$config['example/manage'] = $config['admin_level'];

codexlogin.php checks for the above access levels and redirects to the login page if the currently logged in user doesn't meet the required level. There's supposed to be an error message, but the following line needs to be added to codex_lang.php

$lang['codexlogin_no_privilege'] = 'Insufficient Privileges [<a href="[removed]history.go(-1);">Go back</a> or login.]';

Ideally, if these access levels are set, then "Delete", "Edit", or "Add" shouldn't be displayed respectively.


[quote author="cu3edweb" date="1213379735"][quote author="abmcr" date="1213357748"]If you as interest, i have created a tinyMCE plugin.... search in the previous post or download it at http://www.andreabersi.com/Saibal/AutoIndex/ (TinyMCE plugin.zip)[/quote]
I tried that plugin but it isn't working. I just get a big textarea? Not sure what I did wrong?[/quote]
I have updated the plugin.. in the last version, Jtaby as insert a jsFromAssets... and the plugin not was updated. Try now and send me a feedback. Tanhk you Ciao!

[quote author="abmcr" date="1213617246"]I have updated the plugin.. in the last version, Jtaby as insert a jsFromAssets... and the plugin not was updated. Try now and send me a feedback. Tanhk you Ciao![/quote]

Thanks for updating that. I am now getting this error. I didn't have anytime to look at it. I had to go to work.

Fatal error: Call to undefined method Tinymce::required() in /home/bmartin/www/ci/codex/application/plugins/tinymce.php on line 31

can anyone direct me to where the login time expiration is? i've got a user that take a long time and would like to lengthen her session timing out.

application/config/config.php @line #279/#289?

nice. thanks. apparently it's set to 0 by default. why is my user getting kicked out once in a while?? i guess it has to be user error...

check manually whether you can change the ini setting on the server at all.

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