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CodeExtinguisher 2.0 Release Candidate 14.2

is there a tinymce plugin avail?

nevermind found the info at this post


For the File upload plugin: I want to be able to store more than just the file_name to the database. Specifically I want to store the file_size and file_type attributes provided by the CI File Uploading Class to my database.

I don't understand why you limit plugins to changing one field in a row. Especially since you have an two upload plugins that each provide the following values in the upload->data() array:

    [file_name]    => mypic.jpg
    [file_type]    => image/jpeg
    [file_path]    => /path/to/your/upload/
    [full_path]    => /path/to/your/upload/jpg.jpg
    [raw_name]     => mypic
    [orig_name]    => mypic.jpg
    [file_ext]     => .jpg
    [file_size]    => 22.2
    [is_image]     => 1
    [image_width]  => 800
    [image_height] => 600
    [image_type]   => jpeg
    [image_size_str] => width="800" height="200"

If I'm just being stupid, please explain how I might go about making my own plugin based off the File plugin so that I can store more information.

[eluser]Bui Duc Long[/eluser]
[quote author="spyro" date="1228810781"][quote author="Majd Taby" date="1228807523"]Thanks for the comments. You can change the name of your primary id by specifying....primary_id in your yaml Smile[/quote]

I am pretty new to CI and never seen YAML before. After some reading of the docs and a few tests I came up with the code below to get rid of the error.
primary_id: ad_id

Now I need to set the plugin used for this field, which I have attempted, leaving me off with the no proper plugin error.

Under primary_id I tried a few things including:
class: TextBox

Can you point me in the right direction?[/quote]

I got the same problem, can not made it work Sad

db_table: contents
primary_id: ContentID
order_by: Name
order_type: desc
        class: TextBox
        class: TextArea

Quote:A Database Error Occurred

Error Number: 1054

Unknown column 'id' in 'field list'

SELECT `Name`, `Body`, `id` FROM (`contents`) ORDER BY `Name` desc

The CodeExtinguisher web site seems to be gone?

[eluser]Shane Robinson[/eluser]
[quote author="pbreit" date="1245054419"]The CodeExtinguisher web site seems to be gone?[/quote]

Anyone know what happened?

[eluser]Majd Taby[/eluser]
Sorry guys, I had to reinstall linux on my vps. The website won't be coming up, it was terribly outdated and caused some confusion. I'm working right now on getting rc14.2 up though.

[eluser]Majd Taby[/eluser]
Alright, the download link is back up, the website will stay down until the new version is up.

[eluser]got 2 doodle[/eluser]
I know you are working on a new version of CodeExtinguisher

a really good feature to implement would be to have a persistent filter

for example if I want to edit prices on all Honda motorcycles I would filter by brand for "Honda" each time I edit a record the filter clears. So then I have to filter for 'honda' again.

Could this filter remain in place until cleared?

Also check out this Form Library if you haven't already done so.

If these two projects could merge, that would be awesome!


[eluser]Majd Taby[/eluser]
That feature will _definitely_ make it to the next version.

As far as Form Library, I haven't looked at it in any detail, but from the thread, it seems to just support the form helper library. CodeExtinguisher's form library is a lot more than just a few functions to generate forms, the form generation library is also tightly integrated into the codex runtime, to allow for easy extensibility. If you've ever written a codex plugin, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

But I'm open to new ideas, are there any features in the Form library you'd like to see? Are there any missing features you like? Is there anything about codex that you don't like?

Majd Taby

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