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Codeigniter 4 not working in Latest PHP 8

I have installed the latest version of xampp with PHP 8.0 and downloaded the latest version of codeigniter 4 and tried to run it. But it is showing controller method not found how to fix this issue. I am helpless

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ok i'm assuming your running some sort of gnu/linux operating system.

1) It would help if you can confirm that and post on formum which one you can use this command code at terminal to get that info to a text file.
cat /etc/*-release > /home/$USER/Desktop/info.txt

that will pipe the command output to a text file which should end up on your desktop .

It will help because config of say Arch is not the same as say Slackware

2) always post exact error code you get from your PC and dont paraphrase what you think it says

3) if you want to play with CI4 , until you get the hang of it , with minimal install and config, you can download CI4 to your computer Desktop , and use spark
to fire up a bare bones webserver, so that you can see views etc . You will get around the database issue by using sqlite which is serverless. i.e you can pretty much play with a fully fledged working CI4 on your Desktop- no Maria , MySQl install

4) installing and using your Linux web server is an alternative to using xampp ; the advantage of this is that xampp on linux is not a "true" install and is instead a sort of using an "embedded" system. So if you edit your PC say /etc/php/php.ini xampp won't see that , so it can be confusing with config of your actual OS files and xampp files, Then there is also a chance of both your OS webserver it its there by default and is set to run competing with xampp for the same port. Let us know which way yo u want to go .
CMS CI4     I use Arch Linux by the way 


Since you said that you installed xampp recently, you probably did not activate or install the PHP plugins required to run CI correctly.
See https://codeigniter4.github.io/CodeIgnit...quirements

here is a recent tutorial using xampp that might help https://medium.com/@kmarsha/codeigniter-...ba9b8604b3
CMS CI4     I use Arch Linux by the way 


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