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Set order of uploaded images

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My goal is to get a way to upload multiple images and also set in which order they should be displayed later on (it's for an ecommerce website). I have an idea which seems to work. But echatspin echatrandom I would like to know if there is a better way of doing this. Here is my code. Let's assume the number of images is limited to 3.

One input for multiple images.
Preview images and make them sortable.
Store the order in hidden inputs.
Store the images in the filesystem.
Add the path and order index of every image to the database.

<!-- One input for all images -->
<input type="file" name="images[]" onchange="previewImages(this)" multiple>

<!-- This <div> will be made sortable with SortableJS -->
<div id="preview-parent">
  <div class="preview">
    Hidden input to save the order of images.
    The idea is to have images_order[name_of_image] = index.
    name_of_image and index will be set with JavaScript
    <input class="order-input" type="hidden" name="images_order[]" value="0">
    <!-- <img> is for preview -->
    <img class="preview-image" src="" alt="Image1">
  <div class="preview">
    <input class="order-input" type="hidden" name="images_order[]" value="1">
    <img class="preview-image" src="" alt="Image2">
  <div class="preview">
    <input class="order-input" type="hidden" name="images_order[]" value="2">
    <img class="preview-image" src="" alt="Image3">

function previewImages(input) {

    // First I take the images
    var file = input.files

    // Then I go through each of them. This code is based on the explanation
    // from https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs...dAsDataURL
    for (var i = 0; i < file.length; i++) {
        let preview = document.querySelectorAll('.preview-image')[i]
        let reader  = new FileReader()

        reader.onloadend = function () {
            preview.src = reader.result

        if (file[i]) {

            // In addition to previewing images I take their names
            // and put them into my hidden inputs
            let order_inputs = document.querySelectorAll('.order-input')
            order_inputs[i].name = 'images_order[' + file[i].name +']'
        } else {
            preview.src = ""

// I make the images sortable by means of SortableJS
var el = document.getElementById('preview-parent')
new Sortable(el, {
    animation: 150,

    // This function updates the values of my hidden inputs
    // every time a change is made
    onEnd: function (event) {
        let order_inputs = document.querySelectorAll('.order-input')
        for (var i = 0; i < order_inputs.length; i++) {
            order_inputs[i].value = [i]
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I haven't figured out yet how to limit the number of submitted images. But I saw a number of discussions about that, so I hope it will not be a problem.

PHP. The next step is done by means of PHP (CodeIgniter 4). I take the images, store them in my filesystem. Also I add the path to every image and its order index (taken from the hidden input) to the database. Later when a user will open certain product, the data will be taken from the database and ordered by order index. So basically my controller has this:

// I inserted the product before and can get its id
$product_id = $this->products->insertID();
// This line is just for reference, I actually create $input earlier
$input = $this->request->getPost();

// Here I take all the images as suggested in CodeIgniter docs
if($imagefile = $this->request->getFiles())
    foreach($imagefile['images'] as $img)
        if ($img->isValid() && ! $img->hasMoved())
            // Store each image
            $name = $img->getName();
            $img->move('assets/images/'.$product_id, $name);

            // Add info about the image to the database
            $data = [
                'product_id'    => $product_id,
                'path'          => base_url('assets/images/'.$product_id.'/'.$name),
                'order_index'  => $input['images_order'][$name],
It would be perfect if I could upload multiple images at once and then not only reorder them but also be able to replace one of the images. If someone could share any ideas, I will appreciate it very much!

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