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Django vs PHP+framework

I am in the process of choosing a web framework for an application that will contain:

an ajax heavy user interface for administration and configuration

subsite accessed by mobile terminals (like cellphones, windows mobile, etc) that will include Google Gears for offline support

a reporting site

Since I know basic PHP as well as Python, I am inclined to use Django since Python is a much better language. However, needing to use ajax (jquery, YUI,...) extensively and a need for some kind of reporting engine (like Jasper Reports for java), steers me away from Django since I do not see many results on google... Just seems PHP has so much more documentation and addons that could assist with my requirements, plus the frameworks such as Symfony or CodeIgniter wrap some of the weaknesses of the PHP language.

Any experience with ajax and reporting and Django? Basically, I want to be convinced that going with Django is the way to go, or warned to stay away from it.

Unless you are not completely satisfied with the Django/Flask model and your project requires additional features which are not present in existing frameworks, it would be a better idea if you use existing frameworks because existing web frameworks solve the majority of the problems and are efficient in execution, scalable and simple to use and understand.

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