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Composer Upgrade

(01-15-2023, 05:13 PM)kenjis Wrote: @68thorby68 It seems better you learn how Composer works.
The composer.json in your project root folder is the config file for the project.
That is your project config file. So it is better you know what you configure.

It seems you have wrong composer.json for your project.

I recommend you fix composer.json to install "codeigniter4/framework": "4.2.12".
The last version in v4.2.x. v4.3 has many breaking changes. So it is better first to upgrade to v4.2.

Here is the latest composer.json in appstarter:

Or it might be better you install brand-new v4.2.12 manually and move your app files to it.

And don't forget to check for breaking changes related to your app code:
Many thanks,

This certainly makes more sense. Yes, I do not understand composer and it seems my 2 assumption (the composer.json supplied with the project would be correct, and, the upgrade instructions in the Codeigniter User Manual would guide us through the process).

I have successfully manually installed a brand new v4.2.12, so my only question is: If and when a new CI4 stable version becomes available (i.e. v4.x), will I be able to upgrade using the composer.json provided with v4.2.12 (assuming I have the correct version of composer)?

Again many thanks for you help, and your patience :-)

Manual installation and Composer installation are the two options.
If you choose manual installation, you will also have to do the subsequent upgrade manually.
At least, the user guide does not provide how to switch from Manual installation to Composer upgrade.

If you want to use Composer upgrade, I recommend you install brand-new appstarter with Composer,
and move your app files.

If you follow the user guide instruction
now you get CodeIgniter v4.3.1 installed.

You can install CodeIgniter v4.2.12 appstarter by ci4-composer-installer if you want.

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