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possible bug in protectidentifiers v4.3

I've checked this with BaseConnection 4.30 and v4.2.10
While extracting data from a db using
$values[$i] = $db->protectIdentifiers($values[$i]);
all values are correct except for the following
(the field data does not have the quotation marks)
"Evolution Everyday Multipurpose Paper, 80g A4, 1 box (5 reams)"
"Lilly's Irish-Made Eco Cleaning Products Washing Up Liquid, 5L Refill Container"
"Gift Wrapping Paper 1 sheet 'Happy Sheep' giftwrap"
I don't know if this is a bug or if it is something which ci is not intended to take care of
Its obvious the apostrophe upsets it but I don't know about the "Evolution..." line

What do you mean?
Do you say the behavior of protectIdentifiers() has been changed in v4.3.0?
What output do you get in v4.2?

And why do you use such strange names for identifiers? Are these column names or table names?

These are field values which I'm extracting as part of a db backup routine so the end result is an insert string "insert into ... values (value1,value2, etc)". I thought I could simply use $values[$i]=$db->protectIdentifiers($values[$i]) to ensure the field data is correctly wrapped in ticks but this is not the case so obviously protectidentifiers is only for field names and not for field data. I've rolled my own. Problem solved

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