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Bonfire 2: problems creating a new user

Can't create a new user with "New User" button in Bonfire admin, or using the registration form.

Bonfire 2 in CI 4.3.2. Clicking through the admin area, everything seems to be working fine. There is one user, the original SuperAdmin.

1. When I click the "New User" button (https://mysite.com/admin/users/new) I get this error:

"$user->id" is null. You should not use the incomplete User object.
VENDORPATH/codeigniter4/shield/src/Models/UserIdentityModel.php at line 85

2. When I submit the completed reg form from https://mysite.com/register, the site home page comes up with the url mysite.com/index.php.

When there's a proper password (4 green bars), it goes to the home page and the browser's "Save this password" box pops up.
When the password doesn't pass (2 orange bars), it goes straight to the home page.

No new record appears in the "users" db table.

User settings are

- "Allow users to register..."
- "User" group for new user
- "Allow remember" set to 1 week
- min pwd length 8
- Composition, Nothing Personal, Dictionary validators checked.


Did a completely fresh install of CI4 and Bonfire 2 and got the same results as above.

Please try updating to the latest version of Bonfire. I just merged some changes that should fix that.

Cool! How do you upgrade?

Just do a
PHP Code:
composer update 

Thanks! That seems to work.

Successfully created new user in admin, and by registration form. Logged in with both, changed groups, everything fine so far.

One thing. Trying to log in again to a user when the user is already logged in gets this:

The user has User Info in Session, so already logged in or in pending login state. If a logged in user logs in again with other account, the session data of the previous user will be used as the new user. Fix your code to prevent users from logging in without logging out or delete the session data. user_id: 1
VENDORPATH/codeigniter4/shield/src/Authentication/Authenticators/Session.php at line 655

Ah, that is a new change in Shield that I forgot to account for in Bonfire. Will get to that soon, unless someone beats me with a PR Smile

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