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Why does the curl request hang indefinitely?

I have performed tests using curl requests in both the command-line interface (CLI) and Postman, and everything is functioning as expected, returning the correct responses. However, when I load the curl request in a controller, it simply hangs indefinitely. I have tried using the native CodeIgniter 4 curl request library, attempted PHPcurl, and tested with Postman, but I'm unable to determine the cause of this error or why it fails to load. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Some code would help

Did you use your web browsers development tools to see what is going on with the network?
F-12 key in most web browsers.
What did you Try? What did you Get? What did you Expect?

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trying different approaches like the CodeIgniter 4 curl request library and PHPcurl, you haven't been able to identify the cause of the error or why it fails to load.

To assist you further, it would be helpful to have more information about the specific code you are using in your controller and any relevant error messages or logs you have encountered. Additionally, sharing details about the environment and framework you are working with can provide better context for troubleshooting.

Please provide these details so that we can offer more targeted guidance and help you resolve the issue.

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