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How to resolve mobile CSRF issue in CodeIgniter?

I'm currently utilizing the latest version of CodeIgniter 3 in my project, where I have enabled CSRF protection. While the CSRF functionality functions flawlessly when accessed from a desktop browser, I encounter an issue when attempting to utilize it from a mobile device. Specifically, the CSRF protection is triggered, resulting in an error.

Interestingly, I have tested the system by temporarily disabling CSRF protection, and it functions smoothly on mobile devices. This indicates that there might be a specific problem related to mobile CSRF handling.

Now, I'm seeking guidance on how to address this issue and ensure that CSRF protection functions seamlessly across both desktop and mobile environments. Any advice or solutions to rectify this mobile CSRF problem would be greatly appreciated.

This necessitates "mobile debugging" to troubleshoot what's going on with the requests and responses on a mobile device.

I believe one of the below should aid you to acquire the know-how:



If your issue is experienced on Safari on iPhone or iPad, there is a different workflow:

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