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CodeIgniter Expenses - pet project for beginners
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Github: https://github.com/neznaika0/codeigniter-expenses
Readme: https://github.com/neznaika0/codeigniter.../README.md

I added an example developed on a framework. This is a small CRUD for the history of finance. Who is interested - ask questions.

I tried to use more built-in functionality, but it's hard to cover everything on a tiny project.

P.S. My englisch is bad, so you can help with translations.
Simple CI 4 project for beginners codeigniter-expenses

Thank you for your project !
1) Please explain how did you create/generate file public/assets/main.js ? I suppose under /public/ are file generated(not mannually putted) ?
2) Please explain toast chain whem passing message.

1. The main.js and main.css files are always accessible from browser, unlike bootstrap (copied from /vendor/).
I did not complicate it - it is possible to move the frontend to a separate folder (for React, SCSS). Then it was possible to create a Publisher.
How did you plan to generate these files?

See https://github.com/neznaika0/codeigniter...toasts.php

PHP Code:
// key "validation" for flashes
return redirect()->back()->withInput()->with('validation'$this->validator->getErrors());

// or Bootstrap keys 'success', 'danger', 'warning', 'info'
return redirect()->back()->with('success'lang('Expense.created')); 

Validation is shown first, then the others messages.
Simple CI 4 project for beginners codeigniter-expenses
(This post was last modified: 06-11-2024, 08:00 AM by ozornick.)

Release v.1.1.0 with CodeIgniter v4.5.2  Cool
Simple CI 4 project for beginners codeigniter-expenses

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