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CodeIgniter 3.0 Release Candidate

(01-28-2015, 08:56 AM)Ben-Russell Wrote: The upgrade path from 2.2 seems like too much. I would have really liked to see a much easier upgrade path with a lot of old features flagged as depreciated. The large amount of changes I would need to make to upgrade an app to 3 turns me off from upgrading an app.

With it being so long since any substantial changes, I assume most developers are in the same boat as me and have started using other frameworks such as Laravel for new apps. I know Laravel is great, has a lot more features that I want, and has a steady team working on it.

With CI 3 still missing a lot of features and having a completely new team, CI 3 is not something I will want to blindly start using for new projects. A large barrier to using it on my already existing CI apps is only going to make me just forget CI ever exists.

You need to focus on winning people back to CI and your team. Instead it feels like as someone who enjoyed CI in the past, I'm just being completely ignored.

Fascinating! You left CI because there was no change and now you're complaining about that there is to much change.

I'm impressed that it's so easy to upgrade considering the amount of changes and bug fixes in 3.0. Have a look at the changelog! The changes and bug fixes of 3.0 is roughly 40 % of the total length of the changelog ever since 1.0.

So far I am finding it to be pretty straight-forward. I have gotten haseydesign's flexi-auth and a few other libraries that I always used in the 2.x versions working without much issue.

+1 guys, keep it up.

Must try this first

Nice job guys, I'm CodeIgniter fan. Wink

Any plans for using composer along with CI?

CI3 has composer support built in. http://www.codeigniter.com/userguide3/ge...t=composer

This is so cool. I installed it a few nights ago and started to test out some of the things. I absolutely love the form validation rules and the time stamp migrations. It's so much nicer. I am a huge fan of CodeIgniter since 2009 and now am even a bigger fan. Thank you for some of the amazing improvements. I am looking forward to building great apps with this framework.

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Finally it's arrived ! Let me test drive it now

Looks awesome!

What I like most is that it is more light, it has more focus:
- The Cart library is DEPRECATED
- The Smiley helper is DEPRECATED
and other.

We must get rid of useless classes and functions.

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