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Modular Extensions - HMVC version 5.2

The example you show is not actually a model naming requirement.

You may find that the User Guide has a few inconsistencies like this. One example shows using uppercase first character and the following example with a model in a sub-directory shows all lowercase. Which is correct?

Modular Extensions PHP5 requires you to use the lowercase version of the class name in all cases as this follows the requirements for loading every other resource in CodeIgniter.

Hmmm I got your point - but my problem is that I would have do rename every occurrence of "Test_model" to "test_model" and also all follwoing calls like $this->Test_model->get($data);

Can you point out where a would have to "hack" your Modules/Controller Class to solve this for me?! :-)

Just change your code properly. Use a global search and replace function.

Hey, I have 2 problems with ME. Could you have a look into it.

Firstly, before I install ME loading up the root domain shows the welcome controller.
After I install ME, the root domain throws a 404. Should this happen?

Second issue. Before ME, form_validation callbacks worked.
After I installed ME, form_validation callbacks no longer work.

So far as installation go.

I followed the instructions. The module system works. It just doesn't load the default controller as a module. It also doesn't load callbacks.

Your root domain 404 error is not an issue with Modular Extensions. If your default controller is in a module (or sub-directory) you must specify "module/controller" in config/routes.php default_controller setting as per CodeIgniter requirements.

The Form validation class needs to be extended. See this topic. http://ellislab.com/forums/viewreply/578755/

Plese help me how to integrate DX Auth library and Modular Extensions ??

I use your Dx auth 1.0.6 Modular Extensions 5.2.19.

My folder structure is:



and how to use in dashboard.php function from dx_auth ??

I try write $this->dx_auth->is_logged_in() and it dosn't work, it show error.


Create a module named "auth".

Place controllers, models and views into the auth module.
Keep the same sub-directory structure provided by DX_Auth for these file types.

Move the config, helpers, language, libraries and plugin files to your application folders.

Call http://domain.tld/index.php/auth/backend and it should fire up.


how can i use common views for modules ?

i mean i have a menu, a header that i want available for all modules

Common files for all modules should be located in your application/sub-directories. ie application/views/header.php

If you need to make your view partials available to other template views you can place something like this into your base controller constructor:
class BaseController extends Controller
    function __construct() {
        $data['site_title'] = $this->config->item('site_title');
        $this->load->vars('header', $this->load->view('header', $data, TRUE));

/* in your template view */
<?php echo $header; ?>

Your BaseController class can either be in its own file ie: application/libraries/BaseController.php or it can be located within application/libraries/MX_Controller.php

thanks wiredesignz i will try that

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