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Modular Extensions - HMVC version 5.2

I love ya, man!

(I have wired you a small contribution via http://wiredesignz.co.nz/)

Best regards

Thanks AndyBC, much appreciated.

In 5.3.3 and 5.3.3b4c7c40f085f don't load models. When load a module(1) that has a view in which is loaded another module(2) (modules::run()) that Modules.php returs (function find($file, $module, $base,)) name of the previous module $module="name 1 module".

In Modules.php, line 169 'libraires'.

Each controller has a separate loader ($this->load) which has it's own $_module variable. Every item is loaded using the $_module name first unless you specify to load from a different module.

Any one know why I would be getting the following error on Ubuntu?

Fatal error: Class 'CI' not found in ..../application/libraries/Modules.php on line 87

What we are doing is calling a Controller function within a view.

It works on our dev Windows server but it does not on our production Ubuntu. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Please disregard my last post. We had some old files in the library directory that was causing the problem.

I'm getting error when trying to autoload ion_auth library

$autoload['libraries'] = array('database', 'template', 'asset', 'ion_auth/ion_auth');

folder structure:

I try to var_dump($this->ion_auth) on tester.php and get error message:
Quote:The configuration file ion_auth.php does not exist.

Even if I manually $this->load->library('ion_auth/ion_auth') and remove the autoload, It still error. How to solve this?

I download codeigniter from link on codeigniter.com and download Modular Extension from bitbucket

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