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CodeIgniter: the last year

Now that we've made it to 2024 I wanted to take a moment and look back at the last year and the massive efforts made by all of our contributors. CodeIgniter is a community-driven project and everyone who contributes makes a huge difference.

Since all work on the project is done by volunteers, the availability of contributors can ebb and flow based on their free time, their jobs, or other life events. This year, more than anyone else @kenjis deserves massive recognition for their tireless work on the main repo and on the forums. The project wouldn't be the same without them.

Here's a few points to show how great the community has been in 2023:

- We have put out 15 core framework releases
- We released 6 beta releases of Shield, our authentication system, and just got a 1.0 final version launched before the end of the year
- 2 new libraries have come out of the woodwork - Tasks and Queue, both in Alpha stage, but well on their way to their first beta. I'm very excited about these as they are a couple of the last big pieces I think is needed to put out extremely powerful software using CodeIgniter.
- Got new docs sites up for Settings, Shield, Tasks and Queue libraries.

Looking at the core framework alone we've had:

- 2 new committers per month on average.
- 26 new contributors in total over the year.
- 11 total active committers per month on average.
- 18 percent of committers were new committers.
- 203 commits per month on average.
- 18.45 commits per committer per month on average.
- Cumulative total committers grew by 26 (from 350 to 376)
- 54 PRs merged per month on average.

That's some amazing work. And none of this includes the consistent work done with the translation, fixing a couple of serious security flaws, and working on the code quality tools to ensure we can keep putting out quality code no matter how large the contributor base grows.

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed this year, whether it was by contributing code, helping with the documentation, or just helping others here on this forum. You're what keeps this project alive.

So what's in store for CodeIgniter?

We're working on some new forum software built from the ground up on CodeIgniter. Its goal is to be a streamlined forum experience tailored to this audience with modern features that showcases some of the things that can be done with CodeIgniter. It is using TailwindCSS, AlpineJS, and HTMX to provide a fast, modern feel. There are only a couple of us actively working on it currently, but it is coming along nicely. If you'd like to help we would love to have you.

I can't speak for everyone on the team but for me, I'd like to take a look at making things simpler with CodeIgniter. Now that's a broad topic I know, but there are a couple of ways that will manifest sooner rather than later, hopefully.

First off, we're looking at ways to make the contributing experience simpler for anyone who wants to contribute to the codebase, starting at your computer and going up from there. No news to announce yet on that, but we hope it makes it allows a wider range of devs to be able to help out if they want to.

Next, we're looking at the user guide. We're currently exploring how we can convert it to Markdown without losing anything, and making great progress. The hope is that Markdown is a markup language many of us already know, so contributing will be simpler. It will also allow all our docs across all first-party libraries and the core framework to share the same look and feel, bringing a little more unity to the the project pages. All of the libraries already do, and the core framework is the last holdout. Once that's done I would love to start looking at ways to make the user guide better, easier to navigate, and faster to get started using the framework, or just finding the references a little quicker. We would love your input on this.

I've got some thoughts around other things, like APIs and localization, but that will have to wait and see what kind of time I can give after the other projects.

So, thank you once again to our core team here, to the moderators on the forums, and all of you for helping make the community so great. Here's to an even better year this year.


@kilishan Thanks for the support. I think one day more people will be interested in the framework

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Hello Team,
Thanks for the support and lot of more contributions.

I'm also currently developing a forum powered by CI, haha, and much like you, but I'm using HOTWIRE and a heavily modified version of custom Bootstrap CSS (demo: https://andromede-cms.com/en/forums). If I can help you redesign the homepage, I'd be happy to do so Wink because GitHub isn't my thing, but I work with CI every day, and this year 2024 marks the sale of my CMS to businesses in France, which is a real success.

So, if I can help you with anything related to France, moderation in France, or redesigning the homepage, please don't hesitate to ask. It would be my pleasure during my free time.

For help your project, do not forget the NEW metas/OpenGraph values from Google ! ( specific for the forums <3 )

Warm regards,

@kilishan, Thank you.

I would also like to thank all of our Forum Modurators for their good work on keeping the CodeIgniter Forums
clean and spam free.
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Thank you to the entire CI team and all contributors last year You have done a lot in CI + AUTH SHIELD, especially to @kenjis and @InsiteFX for their tireless support. It is exciting Heart that more than a couple of times you don't miss the in-CI forum by replying to forum threads quickly Wink
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Thank you so much!

Great job you all are doing. Thank you all.

Thanks, a great year, and hopefully another one loading for the CodeIgniter community.

Keep up the great work guys! I know my business owes a lot to your framework and the countless hours you guys put in.

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