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Query Builder Conditions Not Being Applied

Subject: Query Builder Conditions Not Being Applied in CodeIgniter 4
Hi everyone,

I'm encountering an issue with the CodeIgniter 4 query builder where conditions are not being applied to my SQL queries. Here are the details:

Issue Description:
I'm trying to filter records in the suggestions table based on specific conditions (completed = 1 and deleted = 0). However, the QBWhere array remains empty, and the conditions are not reflected in the executed SQL query.

Expected SQL Query:
SELECT * FROM `suggestions` WHERE `completed` = 1 AND `deleted` = 0

Actual SQL Query (From Debugging):
SELECT * FROM `suggestions`
Code Example:

Here's the function I am using:
public function getSuggestions($filter, $page)
    $db = \Config\Database::connect();
    $builder = $db->table('suggestions');

    switch ($filter) {
        case 'completed':
            $builder->where('completed', 1);
            $builder->where('deleted', 0);
        case 'uncompleted':
            $builder->where('completed', 0);
            $builder->where('deleted', 0);
        case 'all':
            $builder->where('deleted', 0);

    $limit = 4;
    $offset = ($page - 1) * $limit;
    $builder->limit($limit, $offset);

    // Debugging: Print the SQL query
    echo "SQL Query: " . $builder->getCompiledSelect() . "<br>";

    // Execute the query
    $query = $builder->get();
    return $query->getResult();
Builder State Output:
CodeIgniter\Database\MySQLi\Builder Object
    [resetDeleteData:protected] =>
    [QBSelect:protected] => Array
    [QBWhere:protected] => Array

Steps Taken:

Verified Conditions: Double-checked the conditions and their logic.
Debug Output: Printed the SQL query and builder state for debugging.
Minimal Example: Created a simplified version to isolate the issue.
Checked CodeIgniter Version: Ensured I'm using the latest version of CodeIgniter 4.
What could be causing the QBWhere array to remain empty, and why aren't the conditions being applied to the query builder? Has anyone encountered a similar issue or can provide insights on what might be wrong?

Additional Info:

CodeIgniter Version: 4.5.1
Database: MySQL 8.0.36-0ubuntu0.22.04.1
PHP Version: 8.1
Thank you in advance for your help!

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Remove the line:  echo "SQL Query: " . $builder->getCompiledSelect() . "<br>";
See https://codeigniter.com/user_guide/datab...iledselect

If you want to see the query,
- use Debug Toolbar https://codeigniter.com/user_guide/testi...ug-toolbar
- or $db->getLastQuery() https://codeigniter.com/user_guide/datab...tlastquery
- or https://codeigniter.com/user_guide/testi...ql-queries

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