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CLI Apps with Codeigniter?

(This post was last modified: 05-16-2024, 08:31 AM by namankumar80510.)

Hi there!
I love CodeIgniter and it is often my first choice of framework.
But here is the thing: I want to create a powerful PHP-based static Site Generator.

I have a few options including Laravel Zero (Not the Laravel framework), Symfony Console component (not the framework), MiniCLI framework, or start from scratch.

But I have been wondering, CodeIgniter comes with the spark file and lets you generate commands that can be executed in the command line.

While that will serve the purpose, the issue is that I can't seem to find the way to set the application name/desc or the commands to show when running "php spark" in the command line.

Is there any way around it or should I skip the idea of using codeigniter for this one?

Should I set the name/desc dynamically?

You can manually add information about the team. Is it possible to try Reflection for dynamic options, or is it not about that?
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It seems we cannot replace the default `list` command even if we create a new command with $name = 'list' in app/Commands/.
Is this a bug?

I'm without a PC. I can't check

When I created a command in the system, it appears in the list
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Exciting project! While CodeIgniter's spark file seems handy for command generation, configuring application details and command visibility presents a challenge. Exploring alternatives or workarounds within CodeIgniter is worth considering. Best of luck!

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