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Response API asynchronous notification

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Masters, I need your help for my API Integration.

This is details step by step of my Web App :
- I will sending all of parameters (like amount billing, code bank, username, email etc) for payment to the API
This is the sample request : 
$params = [              
  'merchantCode' => $merchantCode,              
  'orderType' => $orderType,              
  'orderNum' => $orderNum,              
  'pay' => $pay,              
  'name' => $name,              
  'email' => $email,              
  'phone' => $phone,              
  'notif' => $notifyUrl,              
  'date' => $dateTime,              
  'expired' => $expiryPeriod,              
  'sign' => $sign        

- API will sending asynchronous response with detail is it my request is Success or not.

This is the sample of response from API : 

RespCode :SUCCESS RespMessage :Request Transaction Success OrderNum :QWOIJDDJ orderNum :2024061123981 payMoney :10000 platSign :HayKQWNzo2vlKcEZ

- After receiving asynchronous notification, I need to respond to SUCCES the string to check is it my customer already paid the billing or not.

This is the sample of code : 

$res = json_decode(file_get_contents('php://input'), true);$platSign = $res['platSign'];unset($res['platSign']);
Because I need to check my customers already paid the billing or not. So, My question is :
How to sending all of API response before, using json_decode(file_get_contents('php://input), true);
I'm so sorry if my English is bad, if you confused with my question please let me know.

What kind of response is expected by the payment system?
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(This post was last modified: 06-11-2024, 01:53 AM by Anharr.)

(06-11-2024, 01:29 AM)ozornick Wrote: What kind of response is expected by the payment system?

They expect is to sending response SUCCESS using 
$res = json_decode(file_get_contents('php://input'), true);
after that, create new variable and get value from 'platSign' parameters. 

Example :

$res = json_decode(file_get_contents('php://input'), true);
$platSign = $res['platSign'];

//Decrypt Sign

$decrypt = $this->Encrypt->public_key_decrypt($platSign, $myOwnPublicKey);

I don't know if this is what you're looking for but it might help. I'm only an amateur but I'm doing something similar with sage accounting and it looks like below. apihandler_perform sends a request to sage using oauthClient. The oauthClient response is then returned from apihandler_perform which is then sent back to whatever it was that called process_invoice(). In my case the 2fa token expires after 3 minutes so before my api handler sends data to sage, it checks if the token is valid and renews it if not and then sends the data.
PHP Code:
public function process_invoice(){
        try {
$data json_decode(file_get_contents('php://input'));
        } catch (
Exception $e){
    public function 
sendResponse($result$httpcode 200): void
$result json_encode($result);
header('HTTP/1.1: '.$httpcode);
header('Status: '.$httpcode);
header('Content-Length: ' strlen($result));
header('Content-type: ' 'application/json');

This is the sample code that they are using.
PHP Code:

// 平台公钥,从密钥配置中获取
    // platform public key, from Secret key config

    // 商户私钥,商户自己生成
    // mchchant private key
    $mchPrivateKey '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';

    // 商户ID,从商户信息中获取
    // merchent ID from idntask, from User info
    $merchantCode 'YOUR MERCHANT ID';

    // 商户用户ID
    $mchUserIid '100001';

    // 支付金额 pay money(最大支持6位小数)
    $payMoney '1.000001';

    // 支付方式 参考: (USDT/BTC/ETH/TRX)
    $method 'USDT';

    $orderType '1';

    // 商户订单号(有单模式必传,无单模式不传)
    $orderNum 'T'.date("YmdHis",time());

    //时间戳 格式 yyyyMMddHHmmss
    $dateTime date("YmdHis",time());

    // 邮箱(Customer's email address)
    $email '[email protected]';

    // 手机号码(Customer's mobile number)
    $phone '082112345678';

    // 在付款确认页面显示的转账对象(Display name on bank confirmation display)
    $name 'Neo';

    // 回调地址(notify url)
    $notifyUrl 'http://example.com/callback';

    // 订单过期时间 Order expiration time
    $expiryPeriod '1000';

    // 数字货币币种(如果指定了method,则必传)
    $currency 'USDT';

    // 链网络(如果指定了method,则必传)
    $netWork 'TRC20';

    // 收银台版本(v1.0和v3.0属于有单模式版本;v2.0和v4.0属于无单模式)
    $orderVersion 'v1.0';

    $params = array(
        'merchantCode' => $merchantCode,
        'orderType' => $orderType,
        'mchUserIid' => $mchUserIid,
        'method' => $method,
        'orderNum' => $orderNum,
        'payMoney' => $payMoney,
        'name' => $name,
        'email' => $email,
        'phone' => $phone,
        'notifyUrl' => $notifyUrl,
        'dateTime' => $dateTime,
        'expiryPeriod' => $expiryPeriod,
        'currency' => $currency,
        'netWork' => $netWork,
        'orderVersion' => $orderVersion

    $params_str '';
    foreach ($params as $key => $val) {
        $params_str $params_str $val;

    $sign pivate_key_encrypt($params_str$mchPrivateKey);

    $params['sign'] = $sign;

    $params_string json_encode($params);
    $url 'https://openapi.jayapayment.com/gateway/prepaidOrder';
    $ch curl_init();

    curl_setopt($chCURLOPT_HTTPHEADER, array(
        'Content-Type: application/json',
        'Content-Length: ' strlen($params_string))


    //execute post
    $request curl_exec($ch);
    $httpCode curl_getinfo($chCURLINFO_HTTP_CODE);

    if($httpCode == 200)
        $result json_decode($requesttrue);
        echo "platRespCode :"$result['platRespCode'] . "\n";
        echo "platRespMessage :"$result['platRespMessage'] . "\n";
        echo "mchUserIid :"$result['mchUserIid'] . "\n";
        echo "platOrderNum :"$result['platOrderNum'] . "\n";
        echo "orderNum :"$result['orderNum'] . "\n";
        echo "method :"$result['method'] . "\n";
        echo "name :"$result['name'] . "\n";
        echo "email :"$result['email'] . "\n";
        echo "vaNumber :"$result['vaNumber'] . "\n";
        echo "payMoney :"$result['payMoney'] . "\n";
        echo "payFee :"$result['payFee'] . "\n";
        echo "currency :"$result['currency'] . "\n";
        echo "netWork :"$result['netWork'] . "\n";
        echo "orderVersion :"$result['orderVersion'] . "\n";
        echo "platSign :"$result['platSign'] . "\n";

        $decryptStr public_key_decrypt($result['platSign'], $platPublicKey);
        echo "decryptStr :"$decryptStr "\n";
    else {
        echo $httpCode;

    function pivate_key_encrypt($data$pivate_key)
        $pivate_key '-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----'."\n".$pivate_key."\n".'-----END PRIVATE KEY-----';
        $pi_key openssl_pkey_get_private($pivate_key);
        $crypto '';
        foreach (str_split($data117) as $chunk) {
            $crypto .= $encryptData;

        return base64_encode($crypto);

    function public_key_decrypt($data$public_key)
        $public_key '-----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----'."\n".$public_key."\n".'-----END PUBLIC KEY-----';
        $data base64_decode($data);
        $pu_key =  openssl_pkey_get_public($public_key);
        $crypto '';
        foreach (str_split($data128) as $chunk) {
            $crypto .= $decryptData;

        return $crypto;

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