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Watch List: CMS, Libraries, Plugins, Helpers...

My selected Watch list, to find them faster when i need them.
[UPDATE:24.05.09=removed some deadlinks, and added elliots library.]


Quote:Code Fight[current 1.2.0]- my own Smile

Open Blog



Expression Engine


Linkster- a directory application



Quote:Facebook | Twitter | Vimeo ...

Facebook Ignited

Wick - Controller Loader

Matchbox - Modular Separation

IgnitedRecord - A very customizable and easy to use ORM library[/b]

ReduxAuth - Auth library.

AJAX Pagination

Rabbit Forms

HMVC - Modular Extensions


Quote:MPTtree - A model to handle trees in a database.


Quote:yayparser - Yet Another Yaml parser

Quote:super .htaccess

Database Management

Quote:Datamapper ORM - Michael Wales
Datamapper ORM - stensi

More to follow...

[eluser]Sarfaraz Momin[/eluser]
Expression Engine is of course more powerful and resourceful of the lot. I have seen the rest of them and have felt that all of them have a good future. Blaze looks very promising, thanx to Elliot. There would be many in queue which would be seen around here soon.

Good Day !!!!

ExpressionEngine is hands down the best of the lot. It's been in development way longer and has a huge userbase. Your only problem is that the current version is NOT based on CI. Smile You'll have to wait untill sometime this summer (at least that's what they say).

I personally love codeextinguisher Smile its so simple and lightweight Big Grin

[eluser]John Fuller[/eluser]
Every project built in CodeIgniter is a CMS to some degree. Even out of the box CodeIgniter has some (very loose) CMS capabilities.

by that logic, any script that allows you to add/edit/delete any type of content is a cms, even a small voting script is a cms of its own kind and im sure everyone understands that logic. even phpmyadmin would suit the definition then Big Grin

but dude, this topic was started to help people find backend / site management systems, rather than what you are describing.

Thanks. I found somewhere Elliot saying, he stopped developing it at the moment. I downloaded the available version but couldn't make it working. But didn't spend much time though Smile

Thanks. I will try EE later. But i prefer to use the one developed from community.

Thanks. Ya, i felt like that but if i mention it here people who are searching here for CMS can save time.

Thanks. First time i didn't like much as i didn't check it properly there were no bugs like inkType though. But i spent most time on inkType and fixed a lot of bugs to make it working. After your post i check CE again and like now. inkType is good as well.

Thanks. Ya, you are right but we need that CMS which allows client to update their site with ease.

I found a new contribution from [linkster team] which is named as Linkster. Just tried and loved it so i have added it in my list of CMS. Its a link directory based on CI.

Quote:thread title changed from WHICH CMS IS BETTER? TO CMS, Libraries, Plugins, Helpers and much more @ codeigniter

[eluser]Référencement Google[/eluser]
[quote author="dbashyal" date="1214642023"]I found a new contribution from inparo which is named as Linkster.[/quote]

Linkster is not just a 1 man contribution, we are a team:

Quote:Linkster is not just a 1 man contribution, we are a team:


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