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Watch List: CMS, Libraries, Plugins, Helpers...

Yups, great to know that Tarichi is usefull. Btw, at main site or sourceforge are same.

After few days got back to forum to find out whats new happening. Didn't see much new stuff that i want to add on my watch list and follow its development progress. But found one class that would really be good and useful later.

So i added Datamapper ORM Class by Michael Wales in my watch list. looking forward to try it soon.

[eluser]Thorpe Obazee[/eluser]
[quote author="dbashyal" date="1217238042"]Two links added on my watch list.
super .htaccess thread link added.
was excited to see the video of under development CMS monkeyprint. Would love to check this when it is released.[/quote]

Yeah, I just looked at it and yep... it's definitely going into MY watchlist :p

[quote author="Xeoncross" date="1217316818"]Hey BTW, CodeFight is a great domain name - I'm looking forward to seeing what you put up.[/quote]

Hey Xeoncross. I have put something on the site today. Have a look and let me know, what you think. codefight

By the way, stensi's Datamapper ORM has made my list. Looks like he is ahead of Michael to publish.


Can you update the description of IgnitedRecord and move it to the libraries section, please?
I think it is more at home there.

Great list, btw.

Hey m4rw3r,

I just moved it to Library and replaced the description with the one on your signature.

I haven't tried any parsers yet, probably i should start using it beginning with your YAYParser.

I am developing my own CMS so that i can learn CI in more depth and the result could be beautiful product for me to integrate in new sites i'll be working on and may be more user friendly for the clients.

The screenshot preview is available at http://www.codefight.org/cms-preview/cod...eview.html

I'm thinking, if i should add this CMS on my own watchlist ;-) as this is not only my watchlist, but useful for others too as it comes near to top on google search on few queries.

I would love to hear some feedbacks and suggestions.

If you ask me if i gonna release to public, i would say definitely 'YES'. But it may take some time as i haven't used any page editors so far. Tinymce is my first choice. Also i don't have front end yet.

Except codeigniter 1.6.3, i'm using matchbox as well. And, planning to use different user contributions in future releases but i'll go with quite simple at this time.

Due to some form validation issues i got when using 1.7, i'll not be using it as for now.

Your feedbacks will be appreciated. Also, you can point me to the useful user contributions that i can integrate into my cms to release it faster.


There is not a demo ... for understand how the system work... and suggest you new feature?

[quote author="abmcr" date="1225569646"]There is not a demo ... for understand how the system work... and suggest you new feature?

Haven't updated anything since last post but i have provided demo. You can register and login at: http://www.codefight.org/demo/admin.html

NOTE: its only 40% complete and there is no frontend. You can get just the basic idea from admin.

Am again back after sometime and found 2 great contributions. Open blog and typeigniter. Good work guys.

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