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Application Very Slow

It's not unusual for my CI application to take 10-15 seconds to change pages. What are the main reasons that a CI application might be chugging along like this? What's the best way for me to pinpoint where it's bottlenecking?

I appreciate any help I can get.


Data queries that require a number of joins can be a pain point in terms of speed. If you're joining absolute essentials at the last possible opportunity, then there's not much you can do outside of caching. I've found Slightly better caching to be an effective extension for sites that perform auth-related queries on each controller.

You could also look at your autoload.php. I've been able to realize significant increases in speed just by clearing out my autoload and loading classes just-in-time on a per method basis.

Finally, don't overlook problems at the brute-force level. I was pretty shocked to find that Wiredesignz was getting a base classes execution time that was one-tenth that of my laptop. Look at your own, once you have stripped the excess out of your autoload. Obviously, that kind of speedup can only be achieved by the CPU.

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