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I want to implement template engine for view.
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I used smarty library(github) before for template system but its not working in new ci3.
Tell me how can i implement on it.
I want to use smarty or twing(which one better if any?? Cool ).
Angel Confused

It would be great if CI3 comes with Twig templating engine.

CI will not be shipped with a template engine. We have native php for templating. Look also into this thread:


Every one right. But i think different way. I prefer to use template engine. Template engines comes with caching feature. May be you are right native php faster than template engine but i would like to say template engine make production faster for view file.And in my case i used smarty with ci 2.x version before and i didn't find any speed issue. Smile

As said, it depends no our personal preferences ;o)
But it's not a big issue to include a third party library into CI like smarty.


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BootPress is built on CodeIgniter and uses Smarty for templating.  Check it out. I weighed the pros and cons of Smarty vs Twig myself, and ultimately decided on Smarty. Twig seems to be more hip, but Smarty has been around a long time, and I chose it because you can include objects. I wasn't able to figure out how to do that in Twig. Plus, I like the syntax a lot more. If you decide to use Twig, you may want to consider using Symfony also. Those two go hand in hand.

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Hmm, I tried last day twig. But its seems complicated more than native php for view Wink. I think smarty perfect for me because I already used before.

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