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Create online installation.

Does anyone know how to create online installation like Joomla or Wordpress into project based on CI.

I think installation will :
1. Edit the database.php file in config.
2. Run the query to create database structure.
3. Automatically delete the installation file.

[eluser]Colin Williams[/eluser]
Sounds good, srobet. "Edit the database.php file in config" gives me pause, but I don't know how else you'd do it.

I would recommend writing this in an install.php file that has nothing to do with CI, like, it's just a standalone script. Sounds like you're heading that route anyway.

[eluser]Michael Wales[/eluser]
You'll also have to dynamically generate the base_url in config.php, possibly change the URI_REQUEST, at the minimum.

For full support you'd need to offer a way to change the index.php file to support a system folder outside of webroot, the encrpytion key, the log/cache folders.

It's a thought I have had multiple times... would definitely be a worthy addition to CI.

[eluser]Colin Williams[/eluser]
Good point, Michael.

Quote:It’s a thought I have had multiple times…

Me too. I started off on a sort of CI App prototyping GUI awhile back. Only got as far as a bunch of sketches, some pretty designs, and a tiny bit of code.

[eluser]Référencement Google[/eluser]
We have done a start of an installer script in Linkster. It's not yet complete and not working as expected for an end user, but you can check it on our SVN repository:


[quote author="Too Pixel" date="1217529194"]We have done a start of an installer script in Linkster.][/quote]

Wow, it's cool way. I'll try it, but user still have to edit the database.php. Thanks all for reply

[eluser]Référencement Google[/eluser]
Yes. like I told, we only have started something that is not yet finished. As you can see our installer create a htaccess file on the fly, you should be able to go in the same manner to create dynamically the database.php file.

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