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Sessions not working on Blackberry mobile browser

[eluser]Jonathon Hill[/eluser]

I have a CI mobile webapp using the Michael Wale's Erkanaauth authentication library. Everything was working fine on our development server, but I just set up a production box and now I can't log in.

The user is being authenticated fine, but somehow the CI sessions library isn't working right with the Blackberry browser. I've cleared the cache and cookies but that does not help.

As I said, this was working with the Blackberry until I switched servers. The dev server was using http, the new server is using https. It works fine with desktop browsers as well.

I'm stumped. Can anyone help?

Update: I have sess_match_useragent and sess_match_ip set to false in config.php.

[eluser]Jonathon Hill[/eluser]

OBsession is the answer. It stores session data in a database table instead of in a browser cookie. Apparantly, the Blackberry Browser can't do cookies very well over https. It had been working fine on http.

Hi Jonathon,

I am facing similar issue over blackberry browser for our WebApp.

We only have to run the CI web app over https.

I tried running it on almost different blackberry devices but couldn't get that running.

Is there any alternative or workaround for it?

Thanks for the reply in advance.


[eluser]Jonathon Hill[/eluser]
There are several options:

a) Use an alternate browser (such as Opera mobile)

b) Don't use https

c) Use a session library that puts the session ID as a GET parameter in the URL instead of in a cookie

https + cookies don't work in the native BB browser.

There is another reasons for this sessions Problems , CI SESSIONS (Cookies) does not work over WAP(WIRELESS ACCESS PROTOCOL) , Same problem occur with youtube and facebook.

Note: i am using wap protocol over my pc by proxy.

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