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passing a lot of data via uri segments

newbie to ci and still learning the ropes ...

i have some jquery/javascript code that will insert data in the db by ajax request.

in the form data are many fields including [artistname, genre, url, description] etc.

is the standard uri segment approach used in a case like this typically?

in this case the user will not see the url as it will be ajax, but i am wondering what people do when they don't want a huge ugly url from a lot of data being passed in?

what kind of encoding decoding needs to be done to prevent (using a url as example) "/"'s or other characters from messing up the uri segments?

love some guidance or pointers ...

[eluser]Colin Williams[/eluser]
Your dealing with data transfer, so your going to want to make a POST request, not GET. Then, all your data can be accessed by $this->input->post('key')

lol ...
i was just coming back to post that i realized as much! ... don't know what i was thinking ...but thanks anyways!

[eluser]Colin Williams[/eluser]
You're not the first one I've seen do this on these forums! ;-P

well there's the great zen law of "you cannot figure it out for yourself until you post a question"...Wink

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