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When developing applications

[eluser]Mark Skilbeck[/eluser]
So, it's about time I developed something I can call my own, and I believe CI is the best way for me to do this (I'm sure you will agree?).

What my overly-active mind is thinking, though, is: when you develop an application using CI, do you export the whole of CI when you make the APP available? Do you take the whole CI directory tree, application, system, everything, and put this into a downloadable?

It just seems to me that there would be a whole lot of unused files there?

Am I missing the point here?

[eluser]Michael Wales[/eluser]
If you were to distribute it - yes, I would include the CodeIgniter framework in the download as well. Sure - there will be some files that are useless, but the entire framework only ways in around 852kb. You're probably only going to get that down to 700 or so by removing the files you don't use.

Factor in the time it takes you to track down those files you aren't using and remove them - well, you probably just lost $300 or so in time alone.

EDIT: As this application will just be his, he wont lose anything. Apart from maybe a small amount of time. It also won't take long to delete some of the files in the libraries folder (which would be the majority i guess of the useless 'bloat').

I guess it all depends on what kind of app it is. If it is something written for say CI developers then just include the additional files.

However for a application to a member of public i recommend the whole folder, but remove the unnecessary files. If you are not using it in your app just don't give it to the user. There are many libraries that you just won't use so there is no harm in removing them.

Any library loaded by codeigniter.php or common.php are CodeIgniter core dependencies. You can browse through those two files to identify those core dependencies. I believe there is a page in the user guide that also identifies those dependencies. All other files could be considered extensions of the core framework. However, I agree with Michael--the framework is very small compared to other frameworks and it makes sense to leave the file set intact, especially if you are using svn for versioning control and want to keep CI updated in a separate branch.

Edit: Also check Base4.php and Base5.php since Loader.php is also a core dependency.

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