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strip_image_tags - More of a documentation issue...

[eluser]Adam Mills[/eluser]
Documents still list is as "strip_image_tags" (Link To Page) but with the version i downloaded today it seems to be "strip_img_tags"


if you have a discrepancy to report, you have to post code that illustrates your issue.

here is what i clipped from CI 163 Validation library... it looks to be consistent with the docs.
     * Strip Image Tags
     * @access    public
     * @param    string
     * @return    string
    function strip_image_tags($str)
        $_POST[$this->_current_field] = $this->input->strip_image_tags($str);

[eluser]Adam Mills[/eluser]
hmm sorry you are absolutely right ... that is what the library has in it. Of course when I call that code like this:

$rules['body']    = "required|strip_image_tags";

it tells me that it doesn't exist ... but when I call it like this

$rules['body']    = "required|strip_img_tags";

it works just dandy.

you must have a Validation.php file in your application/libraries directory then that is overriding the system's Validation.php.

I just grepped the whole CI code base and there is no string "strip_img_tags" in the default CI 163 setup.

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