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log_message on DB Error

Location: system/database/DB_driver.php
Method: query

if ($this->db_debug)
                // grab the error number and message now, as we might run some
                // additional queries before displaying the error
                $error_no = $this->_error_number();
                $error_msg = $this->_error_message();
                // We call this function in order to roll-back queries
                // if transactions are enabled.  If we don't call this here
                // the error message will trigger an exit, causing the
                // transactions to remain in limbo.

                // Log and display errors
                log_message('error', 'Query error: '.$error_msg);
                return $this->display_error(
                                                'Error Number: '.$error_no,

It looks like
log_message('error', 'Query error: '.$error_msg);
should be outside of
if ($this->db_debug) {

since we still want to log an error even if debugging is off.


I totally aggreed DB errors reporting are mandatory in a production env, despite full working queries an error can always occur. And generally you'd prefer having the cascading errors history to recover.

We're discuting this point here too http://ellislab.com/forums/viewthread/91858/
I want to implement DB errors through the CI Exceptions (wich we can extend) handler to get emailed when mysql errors occured.

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