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FrOSCon 2008 in Germany

At the FrOSCon 2008 (Free and Open Source Conference) in a small town in Germany close to Bonn, Rasmus Lerdorf held the keynote.
Part of the presentation are some little benchmarks of some state of the art php frameworks.
Symfony, ZendFramework, Agavi(?), CodeIgniter Cake. Prado, Drupal and Solar are compared.

start from the beginning - http://talks.php.net/show/froscon08/
jump into the framework stuff - http://talks.php.net/show/froscon08/24

best regards

For the lazy people

Quote:Static HTML
Response time: 0.01 secs
Transaction rate: 611.78 trans/sec

Trivial PHP
Response time: 0.01 secs
Transaction rate: 606.77 trans/sec

CakePHP 1.2.0rc2
Response time: 0.19 secs
Transaction rate: 25.88 trans/sec

Symfony 1.1
Response time: 0.05 secs
Transaction rate: 100.63 trans/sec

Solar 1.0.0alpha1
Response time: 0.02 secs
Transaction rate: 271.18 trans/sec

Agavi 1.0-beta1
Response time: 0.04 secs
Transaction rate: 126.91 trans/sec

Zend Framework 1.6.0-rc1
Response time: 0.04 secs
Transaction rate: 125.79 trans/sec

CodeIgniter 1.6.3
Response time: 0.03 secs
Transaction rate: 305.90 trans/sec

Prado 3.1.2
Response time: 0.06 secs
Transaction rate: 76.95 trans/sec

Response time: 0.10 secs
Transaction rate: 51.37 trans/sec

Thanks uni-mz

There's no competition for CodeIgniter, it's still the best framework in the world! Smile


CodeIgniter is awesome no question. Wink

Response time on CakePHP is take a long time than else even I think cakephp have a simplicity too

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