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typo in docs?


I'm trying to use the html-helper img() function.
In the documentation it says:

Quote:Lets you create HTML <img /> tags. The first parameter contains the image source. There is data, the second the size of the heading. Example:....

I'm not sure what is meant with the blue bits, or is it a typo?
( can you tell english is not my native language ;-) )

BTW: i can't get it to work, is this function maybe broken in CI 1.5.2?
$image_properties = array(
          'src' => base_url().'resources/beeld/blank.gif',
          'alt' => 'bericht_plaatje',
          'width' => '20',
          'height' => '20',
          'title' => 'plaatje bij bericht'
//    echo img(base_url().'resources/beeld/blank.gif');
as soon as i let the echo statement in there, the code breaks without an error message (i use E_ALL)


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