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Strange Characters appearing on web pages - Solution

[eluser]Jay Turley[/eluser]
They look a lot like this: 

After much research, the solution was to make sure all of my files, and I mean ALL of them were encoded as UTF-8 without BOM.

Hoping this helps someone else solve this easily.

[eluser]charlie spider[/eluser]
if your data is being pulled from a database, make sure your encoding for the db and the tables matches that in your config file as well as your page encoding. I had a similiar problem that wouldn't go away until absolutely EVERYTHING was using UTF-8

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
You can use htmlspecialchars() to make sure characters are encoded properly too. Remember if a:


shows on a page instead of...


then it is not valid. Similar characters will show wrong in FF.

Thanks so much, I had exactly the same problem.

The strange  characters showed up before an embedded load view and I had no clue where they came from.

One of my .php files was saved with ANSI encoding. Saving it again with UTF-8 solved this issue.

yes, but should all framework files be UTF-8 w/o BOM?
cuz i see they aren't....

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