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Redux Authentication 2 Beta Released

Great Popcorn, any idea on the launch date?

Is this stable enough to use? or stick with 1.4? I've started with 1.4 but not much point if this is near completion Smile

since it's still in alpha, I would certainly not develop with it. Might be fun to play with though.

Any news with this? Its been a month since any activity.

hope Pop is working on it Tongue

[eluser]John Fuller[/eluser]
[quote author="Bramme" date="1224638520"]since it's still in alpha, I would certainly not develop with it. Might be fun to play with though.[/quote]

Anything you write yourself will be alpha too, at least for much of it's lifecycle. Wink

Unless this thing takes advantage the new form validation and session libraries then it's already obsolete.

Hey guys,

It's not dead, just smells funny.

I've uploaded some new code today, fully functional forgotten password system with the email body now stored as a view. This allows you to use html helpers, echo variables, etc ...

If you take a look at the
http://redux.devjavu.com/browser/Redux Authentication 2/controllers/welcome.php
and you can see how much easier it is over the previous version.

I would say 70% of it is functional now, the login, logout, status, forgotten_password and registration are working.

I need to do some things :
* Account activation.
* User groups
* Additional registration inputs

Then I can bring it into beta and start speeding it all up.

Thanks for waiting Tongue

cool Popcorn
Great news...

Can't wait to try it...

Live example : http://www.thepixeldeveloper.com/redux/

The application can be downloaded from the SVN.

Report any bugs, should be released soon.

Account activation done and working. Check the example for full details.

Report any problems as usual.

The beta is now released on Google Code which includes the demo website as seen above.

Any feature requests are appreciated but be aware the goal for this was to be light and efficient and not include every feature under the sun.

One last thing :

The new code will be released under the "Beerware" license and for those of you who don't know.
* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
* <[email protected]> wrote this file. As long as you retain this notice you
* can do whatever you want with this stuff. If we meet some day, and you think
* this stuff is worth it, you can buy me a beer in return Mathew Davies
* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

PS : To anyone who was wandering. I did not disappear to Kohana and will still develop Redux Authentication for CodeIgniter, so I hope that clears up any confusion.

Enjoy Smile

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