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can I improve the speed of log_message

while debugging my incomplete app,

I am noticing a constant slow down, when using log_message.

At first I thought that the new code I added caused the visible
slow down

(this is just my dev machine running PHP52.apache.postgres and
my Music player :- )

A soon as I disable logging, pages show up much faster.

I reviewed a couple of postings here, but still did not see
something that I could do -- without modifying internals of code

I have seen somewhere a hack to a config.php to allow
to show a particular type of messages (instead of 4 and everything
below it) ... but cannot find it anymore, that would probably help
but not much.

So why is this thing so slow?
appending to a file of 50 lines per request cannot be that slow,
locking the file... I doubt (it is a local file system).
Does CI do 'lock file,seek,write' or someething like that for every single time I invoke the log_message?

So there may be a different way to pass messages to the log so
it goes faster? May be there something like 'flush log' that
could put at the destructor of the Controller class, so that writting
locking/writting would happen only once per request?

thank you

[eluser]Pascal Kriete[/eluser]
Disk touching calls will always be slow. You're quite correct in your observation that there is no buffer. In fact, it does quite a bit that might be considered unnecessary, like check if the file exists every time. :: Check for file, get system time, open file, lock, append, unlock, close, chmod.

Not the most elegant solution, I'll give you that.

Logging is meant for development/debugging so you could argue that it doesn't really need to be fast. And the obvious counter to something like a log-buffer is that log messages can be used to trace where an app is failing. Although I'll take an xdebug stacktrace over the CI log any day.


I thought that the CI's logging mechanism is meant to be production ready
(since it allows to report errors) and is meant to be used
as robust and performance friendly way to get the production-time errors
to log files.

But looks like , as you are saying, it is development-time debugging
facility that must not be used in production.

I have luckly encapsulated the call to log_message in my own class
so I will just have to change that.

If there are any suggestions for production-ready PHP logging facilities
I would certainly appreciate any pointers
(I am new to the web-dev technologies so there may be something outthere
similar to C++ logging libraries or similar)

thank you in advance

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