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The best way of uploading a catalogue with images.

Hi everyone.

I need to create a part of my site so that I can upload a product catalogue (with images), so that it can be parsed and the data placed into the database. Can anyone think of a good way to achieve this?

It sounds like a simple enough thing to do, but I can't seem to think of an easy way to link the products with their images, other than renaming each image to correspond to the product in the catalogue, or adding the name of the image to the catalogue. Ideally, I would like some kind of drag and drop solution, but I'm not sure how to implement it. I can drag a file onto a text input (which places the file path and name into the box), but it doesn't help since I need to try group them before they are uploaded, for simplicity.

Unfortunately, Open Office Spreadsheet doesn't seem to support similar drag and drop functionality. Instead, I end up with the actual image displayed inside the spreadsheet, which is lost as soon as I save the file to XML or CVS.

Hopefully I have explained my situation clearly enough, please let me know if I am making no sense. I can think of several methods to achieve what I want, but each have their downfalls.

Many thanks in advance.

[eluser]Michael Wales[/eluser]
It definitely sounds like you are looking for something a bit more dynamic than what CI can provide - interfacing with the actual OS. I'd say start looking into Adobe AIR.

What file format is the catalogue in?

It can really be in any format that can be produced from a spreadsheet. I was thinking about uploading a zip file, which contains a catalogue.xml and a load of photos. The photos would be renamed to fit the bar code for the product, but that's a lot of photo renaming, which is why I am trying to find something with drag and drop capabilities. With that said, there may be no simple solution. I just wanted to check in case I was missing something.

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