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Whats the best way

Whats the best way for me to include a remote message on my clients admin panels? I was using javascript which was limited but dont know if thats the best way to do it... I want to be able to supply parameters in my admin panel like colour and things like that and pass that through to be displayed on my clients admin panel.

Thanks in advance.


[quote author="zeedy2k" date="1221760738"]Whats the best way for me to include a remote message on my clients admin panels?[/quote]
if you don't mind, would you please explain more about "remote message on my clients admin panels". what actually hapenning?

Basically, I want to be able to enter a websites unique identifier into my admin panel and in their management panel for it to check my database to see if there is any messages posted for that user. If there is it displays it to them.

Hope that makes sense?

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
Remote MySQL access to a settings table would be one possible way.

Make a new MySQL user that can only SELECT and put it in the clients DB config file. On their end use that as a second db connection that looks up the table, uses an identifier to pick up the right record (could be done by storing $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] in the db and use it again in the WHERE or you assign them a specific ID, then it has all the settings in that row.

Or use XML on your site. Use a similar database structure and output the results as XML which the clients site will read. Remember to cache this.

zeedy2k, seems to me an easy one. that's why i am confused i might be wrong.

so far what i understand it's a simple operation (store some data against websites unique identifier). by example we are going to add http://www.mydomain.com with a short description of this site. when admin of mydoamin.com login in their management panel they will be able to view the description.

if this is the case then surely a remote database connection is necessary to pull up the informations from your database. so connect using remote conneciton.

one more solution might be use curl(). execute a page in your server like http://www.mysite.com/site_info.php?site...domain.com and grab the fetch output(data against that domain).

third one is pretty simple one. using a XML file. store your informations(data against domains) in a XML flat file. call it from client side and let them read their comments.

on top of you can use web services to get your informations. i am not good enough of web services. so that, cant explain further.

zeedy2k, i am not sure 1% i get your problem and waste your time Sad. just give it a try. if not helpful please don't mind Wink

These are perfect replies. I never thought of using XML which could be generated on being called Big Grin

Ill attempt this and let you know how I get on.


Just use an RSS feed, so xml as an API, or you could return the results in a number of formats such as JSON. Using a REST or SOAP interface would make it very flexible to extend to other parts of the system later on.

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