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Point of Sale (POS) Application

[quote author="pbreit" date="1264987076"]Show me one that has gotten decent traction.[/quote]


OK, you got me. One example that has fewer than 500 users after 5 years.

[quote author="pbreit" date="1265030554"]OK, you got me. One example that has fewer than 500 users after 5 years.[/quote]

Read the previous post too. What is your definition of traction? I would define traction as a site that has hundreds of users and has been around for years. Maybe I am alone on this one.

True story - During the "dot.com" boom I worked for a company that had a crazy idea of putting high-speed Internet into hotel rooms. To this day I'm amazed that the company failed at this attempt. The reason for this? Every hotel chain basically said the same thing, "Guests won't want this, nor would they ever pay a nickle for it."

The reason I bring this up is because the CEO of this start-up put an ad in the Wall Street Journal that said "The problem with forward thinking is that you spend so much time waiting for others to catch up." So I think your idea is solid, but getting people to adopt something that is not the "industry standard" can be a challenge.

good luck and hope you will finish this project soon, waiting to watch the interfacing part of the application...hope you will done well.

Hows the project going? i am really curious

I seriously hope that you would keep it as simple about the features and not to try something new in the beta stage as the concept is very unique and if it becomes a success then you can customize the POS software according to needs and demands.

Barcode reader program asp.net POS system

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