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When are we going to see PHP 5?


I was just wondering if the CodeIgniter team plan to make CI PHP 5 any time soon? I think people really need to start moving to php 5 or we're going to be stuck with php 4 forever.


CI already supporting php5, just upgrade to latest version Smile

[eluser]Adam Griffiths[/eluser]
EllisLab have made it clear they won't be switching to PHP5 any time soon, such a change wouldn't fair well for their business, since 70% or more of people are still on PHP4.

Derek Allard made a post about this a while back.

And here's blog post on the EE developer blog.

So don't expect dropped PHP4 support until PHP5 controls the PHP market.

After reading the comments on the blog post. I think I get their point even if I don't like it. Smile

We are building apps for non-PHP people (clients and customers). That is why they (hosts, users, clients) don't care/need/want PHP5 until they have too.

However, since we actually have to deal with PHP - we can't understand why they are still with PHP4.
For the same reason that PC Gamers can't imagine how business still operate on old Celeron chips when there are C2Q's on the market.

Codeigniter is fully PHP5 compatible. I am not really aware of the limitations of PHP4's object model. What would be the big advantage to use the new one?

Works fine with PHP 5 and I don't think the object model is very different. ok so now you have __constructor() instead of function blah() constructors ... I could care less about those changes.

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