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Nested Set library (aka MPTT, aka Hierarchy DB Trees)

Did you try the one from the first post in this thread?

first post in this thread says only lft, rgt, and parent.
but here: http://datamapper.wanwizard.eu/pages/ext...dsets.html
it says: left, right, root, name, value.
in the source code datamapper/nestedset.php in class DMZ_Nestedsets there are the following: $_leftindex, $_rightindex, $_rootfield and $_nodename (without symlink things).

so, I'm a little bit confused. Maybe it's two different things? I mean this documentation here http://datamapper.wanwizard.eu/pages/ext...dsets.html is maybe not for the latest downloadable version here: http://datamapper.wanwizard.eu/pages/download.html ?

Or what am I misunderstanding?

I'm a beginner in CI but this is somewhat crazy that I get only error messages all the time. It would be awesome to have a tutorial for absolute beginners about Datamapper ORM nestedset library.
Maybe it's not compatible with the newest version of CI? (...extends Controller <> ...extends CI_Controller...? The other strange thing is, however I have set up nestedset, NetBeans don't suggest functions, and I get error messages when I would like to use one.... for example the first thing is a Tree() what I'm not able to call. I don't know...)

how can I check why is this nestedset extension is not loaded? or where should I start searching for a solution?



at last... I managed to make it work. and it is really stupid simple. however I still believe that the documentation is confusing and a tutorial would be useful for absolute beginners. only a very little cleanup and additional info would be enough not to become completely confused as a beginner.
the only thing that bothers me is that Netbeans doesn't pop up possible methods of nestedset. Can this be somehow fixed?

and as far I as I see "level" is not updated automatically. do I have to make it manually all the time?

thanks a lot!

I think the problem is that 2 different libraries were discussed in this thread that both use MPTT. The datamapper that you are referring to is not the same as was discussed in the first post. So I think that's where your confusion is coming from.

Just a heads-up - check the code of this library before using it, cause you can get a bad surprise from some methods. For example, the method
public function checkNodeIsChild($testNode, $controlNode) {
        return ($testNode[$this->parent_column_name] == $controlNode[$this->primary_key_column_name]);
This method will return TRUE ONLY IF the $testNode is a direct child of the $controlNode. If it is down the tree more than one level, the method will return FALSE while the test node is still a child of the control.
From my point of view this method should look like this:
public function checkNodeIsChild($testNode, $controlNode) {
        return ($testNode[$this->left_column_name]>$controlNode[$this->left_column_name]
            && $testNode[$this->right_column_name]<$controlNode[$this->right_column_name]);

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