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form validation where form vars are an array

In my form I have named my inputs as so:
<input type="text" name="guest[first_name]" />
<input type="text" name="guest[last_name]" />
<input type="text" name="guest[email]" />

With the validation library, they say to define fields like:
$rules['first_name'] = "required";
$rules['last_name'] = "required";
$rules['email'] = "required";

So the problem is that when it goes to validate, it's expecting to find $_POST['first_name'], etc.

So my question is, is there syntax to define a field where it is in a form array? (e.g. name="guest[first_name]").
I've tried:
$rules['guest[first_name]'] = "required";
$rules['guest']['first_name'] = "required";
...and neither worked.

Any help appreciated!

Sometime in the past I believe to remember that someone wrote an adaption of the Validation library to support arrays. A forum or wiki search might reveal more information.

I have use two methods to deal with this in the past:

1. Write a callback function which performs validation of the entire array and writes back the various results into the Validation instance. So in your case it would be a like callback_guest routine.

2. Flatten the form fields to something like: guest_first_name, and write rules against that. This option obviously requires that you do some post processing if you need to store this data in database, etc.


Check out


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